UPDATE #3: E-40 and Too Short link for a pair of albums dropping the same day.

While speaking with Vlad TV, California rapper E-40 revealed that he’s working on a joint project with fellow rapper Too $hort which will be titled E-40 Too Short: The History Channel.

Aside from revealing the name of the project E-40 explained that it will consist of two different albums, one album will be geared towards their new school music while the other album will focus on old school music. 

“First of all the album is called E-40 Too $hort: The History Channel. We’re doing two albums. It’s two albums we’re dropping on the same day,” E-40 revealed. “$hort was before me so we both seen all the genres, different eras of music. So we got fans that loved the old school music and we got fans that love the new school music. So it’s called E-40 Too Short: The History Channel. Function music which is for the newer era. So that’s a whole album full of nothing but function music. And then we got mob music and that’s just old school. The old school feel. We tryna make our fans feel like they used to on the mob music one.”

E-40 also spoke on being considered an underdog in music and learning to embrace the underdog title. 

“I consider myself an underdog, but I don’t care about that. I think it’s better to be honest with you. I like underdogs,” said E-40. “When I see a boxing match I’m like ‘Man, he the underdog. I want him to win.’ You know what I’m saying? Maybe that’s why [I’ve lasted] so long in this industry. If I would’ve just blew up overnight, sold 10 million records I probably would have been out the game. But God made it and he designed it like this and I’m gonna roll with it. This is my path.”

It’s unclear when exactly E-40 Too $hort: The History Channel will be released. 

[April 16]

UPDATE: E-40 and Too Short have announced the release of their upcoming joint album The History Channel, dropping November 6th. According to HHNM, the pair will unleash the project in two parts: The History Channel: Function Music, which will be “music for the new era,” and The History Channel: Mob Music, which will have an “old school feel.”

[August 31]

UPDATE #2: The cover art for E-40 and Too Short’s pair of albums – The History Channel: Function Music and The History Channel: Mob Music - have been revealed.



[September 9]

UPDATE #3: E-40 and Too Short have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming albums The History Channel: Function Music and The History Channel: Mob Music, due November 6th (Amazon via X).

Mob Music

1. We Are Pioneers
2. Sheesh
3. Fire Fighter (feat. Knotch)
4. Whip Out
5. Money Motivated
6. Ballin’ Is Fun (feat. B-Legit)
7. Ride With Me
8. Do You Remember? (feat. Kurupt)
9. Street Money
10. My Stapler
11. I Don’t Work For Nobody
12. Ask About Me (feat. B-Legit)
13. If We Ain’t Fuckin’
14. Gang of ‘Em (feat. Beeda Weeda Rankin Scroo)
15. Knockin’ A Bitch
16. Pancherellos
17. Stressin’

Function Music

1. This Shit Pound
2. Slide Through (feat. Tyga)
3. Smoke That Shit
4. Let’s Have A Party (feat. Cousin Fik Knotch)
5. Dump Truck (feat. Travis Porter Young Chu)
6. Singles
7. Entrepreneur
8. Bout My Money (feat. Turf Talk)
9. Say I (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
10. Workin’ the Trunk
11. West Coast Shit (feat. Ice Cube)
12. One Foot (feat. Sugafree)
13. Check That Bitch
14. Everyday
15. Lemme See You Twerk (feat. Dolla Will Decadez)
16. Toasted
17. Cali (feat. Wifey DJ Upgrade) 

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