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Jason Xturn

By admin, March 7, 2015

“The future is now” says the Seaview Gardens born Dj, “…and the past already got passed”.
Jason-X-Turn was born Jason Anderson in December 1986 and raised in Seaview Gardens (Kingston-JA), which is home to some of Jamaica’s finest entertainers. Growing up with Shabba Ranks living two houses down, Elephant Man as his neighbor and Bounty killer just up the block, Jason was heavily influenced by dancehall music and culture. Clashing with his peers to hanging out at ‘Crack Sculls’ studio gave him the drive to pursue music professionally. Teaming up with fellow upcomers Blackman, Escalade and Problem birthed the “Detonators”, but ultimately moving to the U.S. forced him to become a solo artist, thus Jason-X-turn was born. After several victories and strong performances, X-Turn began to be respected an endorsed as a top notch clash artist, which gave him more drive to accomplish his goal. Being lyrically seasoned with his baritone voice, X-Turn has gained respect and praises from almost everyone he has come across. With a diverse catalog of songs and the preparation and experience from years of pounding the pavement, X-TURN IS NOW!!!!! +